A place we go everyday to learn some things that can help us in life but others that are just plain useless
I have to go to hell... I mean school tomorrow.
от melaniestar 25 май 2016
A place that is said to better our minds but ends up brainwashing us into learning thing that we will never need in life.

Stands for Seven Crappiest Hours Of Our Lives.

Also see: Prison

Schools also hold fundraisers often. Money is said to be used for new computers or to fix the wifi, but actually goes to the teacher's lounge.

*Student walks into teacher's lounge*
Dang, this place is awesome. They got recliners, flat screen TVs, microwaves, refrigerators, air hockey, and full bars of wifi.

*Student is expelled for finding the holy grail*

Dress code is also enforced. If a girl shows one centimeter of her shoulder she gets detention. If she shows three inches of skin above her knee she also gets detention. The boys dress code is almost non existent.

Bullying is common, but if students tell teachers they would just add more stupid rules.

Popular girls can get away with wearing tube tops, but an unpopular girl would have to go to alternative school for two years.
Student: Will we learn to how to pay taxes. Or manage money.

Teacher: No this is a school. We only learn useful things here.

(This is why people are in crippling debt right now)
от -"+#("!8#;@("!@9#; 25 май 2016
The place that tortures you for 18 years straight.
Like prison but way way WAY worse.
Dad: Hey Little Timmy, time for your first day of elementary school!
Timmy: Fuck school and fuck you.
Timmy: The internet, it contains it all
от GamexFool 14 юни 2016
It is a place of torture and child abuse, which if the victim (students) gets a low grade, will be tortured by the abusers excessively (especially indians).
от My pseudonym is SHUTUP 15 юни 2016
A large ass building in which innocent children are kept in for at least 7-8 hours straight, being taught shit in which it is least expected to be used in the future.
Adults' definition of "School" compared to mine.

Adults: A school is an institution for educating children!
Me: Prison.

от StubbyThePug 15 юни 2016
A place where toddlers, mid-age kids, and teens go to when learning. School is a very important place to be and if one does not wish to attend to it, then consequences will occur in the future. School is also the only place with all the education you need when you grow up.
"Phew! I did all my homework for school! Now I can finally rest!"
от Miss.LittleOcto 05 май 2016
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