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The masturbatory act of massaging the head of your cock in a squid-like motion.
Dude I was squidding so hard last night I inked all over my computer!
от UmfangMeister 18 февруари 2011
46 13
to deposite one's ejaculate in a public place.
'Laura is always squidding in the locker room at the gym'
от looceefir 15 юли 2008
26 18
To discharge liquid from the anus.
Last night's Mexican dinner was amazing, but I've been squidding all morning.
от murrayw76 17 април 2009
15 20
Tickling the anus of another in a surprise attack motion, using your fingers much like the thentacly motion of that of a squid.
Please don't start squidding me again.
от squidpants 29 април 2007
11 28