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Trinidadian slang for an action that has remained incomplete for a long time. Usually employed to berate the person perpetuating the action.
You ent finish de dishes yet? How yuh sticking so?!
от redgyul 20 септември 2004

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when a guy ejaculates on the chest of a woman and leaves his penis there until his penis is stuck on the woman's chest/breasts.
Sticking her was an awesome idea and felt great.
от docker69 01 август 2010
The sport of running around with a stick of some sort, while poking every clay man in sight.
Clay man: I am feeling rather happy at the moment.
Professional sitcker: Its sticking season
от blackington 12 септември 2006
A therapeutic exercise in which one picks up sticks off the ground set out by a sponsor while trying to overcome alcoholism; helps give a sense of confidence in completing a task and a sense of achievement.
After my brother received a DUI, my dad used the sticking program to wean him off booze.
от Nikkaster 31 май 2010
To have very little pubic hair.
Liam has stickings.
от HairyMonster 14 февруари 2013