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One (1) female nipple.
1)Your teat is showing.

1)There are three things I eat in this world - chicken McNuggets, tacos and teat.
от Scott Dogg 14 декември 2003
210 35
Slang term for a woman's breast or nipple.
Can I touch your mother's teat?
от GuidoPosse69 03 март 2005
90 52
1. nipples
3. breasts
2. nips
3. smuggling raisins
That strippers teats are hanging to the floor!
от Bud E Love 05 май 2003
67 32
A pair of Breasts
"Lick my black teats!"
от Chuck Bullet 13 април 2004
46 17
my dad's favorite saying
well, that's just teats!

от PyroPenguin 01 декември 2003
29 23
breasts, usually male
wow that dude has big ass teats
от brettisme666 22 май 2006
7 29
a name used to refer to another person and is only used amongst an exclusive group of people who are memos...cool memos!
J: yo teat!
R: yo, yo...what is up my teat!
(the two exchange a highly complicated handshake)
J: i'm just chillax-a-lackin'...how about you?
R: nothing much, im getting ready to get mooed up for the night. hey, wanna grab some milk with me?
J: on snap teat!
R: holleration!
от teatmakerupper 11 май 2005
24 144