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Acting and or dressing like a tool.
Graphic tees such as Ed Hardy and Affliction.
Spiking hair.
Repediatley using words like hella.
Gym, tan, laundry.
от Sbatt93 08 май 2010
8 4
chillin', doing nothing, or doing nothing interesting.
Kid #1-whassup?
Kid #2- oh im just toolin' around the kitchen. you?
от jahabes 26 декември 2009
0 1
Super, ultra cool.
Man, that concert was toolin'!
от TOOLINGAL 25 март 2004
2 7
Verb:The act tooling someone/something. To own someone/somthing.

Adj:something that is far better then good.
Verb: A friend speaking to the person tooling;"Nigga, you are toolin their ass"

Adj:I told Kevin his camaro was toolin, but we all knew the real truth since it was stock...
от FATHERFORD 26 декември 2003
7 15