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.. need i say more?
от anonymous 22 август 2003
86 20
Being Intimate aka Fucking.
"If we were making woopie...."
"Whats woopie?"
"Ya know...like being intimate"
"Oh like fucking?!"
от bad2891 04 октомври 2008
35 12
a fun and safe way of referring to sex.
boy: wanna go make some woo pie?
girl: oh baby, YES!
от Dah-rooh 07 юни 2006
5 1
something you say as a filler word or when you want to say "oops" instead.
I just stepped on dog shit. Woopie.

Woopie woopie woopie woopie.
от DD and BB Inc 10 април 2010
12 16
when in a relationship you are a slave or a mandilon o the women or men your with
Martin was woopie for about 2months with ashley
от iliketurtes 26 ноември 2010
6 22